Transfer Please

Transfer Please

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Transfer Please is the first in a series of short poetic vignettes about common people in common places. 


Have you even taken a moment to observe people in your surroundings? To watch them, take them into your senses and see if you can get a glimpse of their story from your observations? Well, I have often wondered where the people rushing on and off of Chicago’s public transit system have been, and where they are going.

I wonder if they can tell things about my life from the hints of myself that I leave behind during my daily commute.  These vignettes are fragments of stories from my imagination.  They mimic lives that could possibly be riding the train next to you in Anywhere, USA.  Enjoy

Children's Books

You Are Soul BeYouTiful.jpg
I'm Soul Be-you-tiful from A-Z!
Baby, You're Soul Be-you-tiful!

These two books are a series of inspirational affirmations for little ones and young leaders.  




You're Soul Be-you-tiful is a great book for parents and loved ones to read to any child. It reinforces the fact that every child is naturally beautiful just by being themselves.



I'm Soul Be-you-tiful from A-Z is a fun journey through the alphabet that encourages young leaders to focus on their positive attributes.  It uses positive 'I Am' statements to help the children reinforce their natural inner beauty.

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